blood pressure

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the pressure of the circulating blood against the walls of the blood vessels

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Lack of difference shows that Jacuzzi recovery and mild swimming have equal effect on diastolic blood pressure.
The authors of the study admit to certain limitations on the research-namely, due to the study's design, it isn't clear whether increased diastolic blood pressure is causing cognitive impairment, or if the two problems coincide for other reasons, including the possibility that memory and other processing problems may in fact be driving the incidence of higher blood pressure by effecting diet and weight.
The systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, rate pressure product and pulse pressure responses between the children in the three socioeconomic classes were also not significantly (p > 0.
Diastolic blood pressure was lowered by an average of 7.
Diastolic blood pressure is the pressure when the heart is at rest between beats.
An international research team has identified a number of unsuspected genetic variants associated with systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP), and hypertension (high blood pressure), suggesting potential avenues of investigation for the prevention or treatment of hypertension.
Higher daily doses were associated with higher cholesterol levels; longer treatment duration was associated with worse levels of high-density lipoprotein; higher plasma clozapine levels were related to higher diastolic and systolic blood pressure; and a higher plasma level of N-desmethyl-clozapine was associated with higher diastolic blood pressure.
1) Hypertension is defined as having a systolic blood pressure of 140 mmHg or greater and/or having a diastolic blood pressure of 90 mmHg or greater (Table I).
A recent clinical trial conducted by TNO, a leading independent Dutch research organisation, shows that DSM's breakthrough dairy peptide ingredient, TensGuard[TM], successfully lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with mild hypertension.
Individuals with a systolic blood pressure (SBP) of 120-139 mm Hg or a diastolic blood pressure (DBP) of 80-89 mm Hg require health promoting lifestyle modifications to prevent cardiovascular disease.
The researchers found that from baseline to 18 weeks, dark chocolate intake reduced both systolic and diastolic blood pressure without changes in body weight, plasma levels of lipids or glucose.
White and his colleagues evaluated the blood pressure-lowering efficacy of various doses of drospirenone (1, 2, or 3 mg) combined with 1 mg of estradiol in 750 postmenopausal women aged 45-75 years, with an untreated systolic blood pressure of 140-179 mmHg and untreated diastolic blood pressure of 90-109 mm Hg.
Compared to ones taking normal water, the levels of blood pressure, namely systolic arterial pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean blood pressure, pulse pressure and total peripheral resistance, in those taking deep seawater were substantially lowered.