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With hand washing, we can avoid diarrheal diseases and chronic malnutrition, and with healthy food, based on natural products from the area, schoolchildren will be more attentive in class and will be able to grow up healthy," he said.
Ensuring the sufficient availability of ORS is considered a priority for the relief efforts, as the severe risk of diarrheal diseases has risen due to health and environmental factors in and around the camps.
There are several options available now, from panel tests that cover the vast majority of infectious causes of diarrheal diseases to "pick-and-choose" assays that allow physicians and lab experts to select the most likely agents.
Thus, this work aims to a) evaluate the satellite rainfall estimates for the Acre Basin; b) analyze the correlation between these estimates and: 1) water level in three cities along river Acre, 2) Investigate the incidence rates of infant diarrheal diseases across all municipalities in the river Acre Basin.
By installing a solar powered water treatment system and latrines, and educating the community about health and hygiene, outbreaks of waterborne diarrheal disease have ceased.
4,5,6,7) Since 1979 Oral Rehydration Therapy became the keystone approach to tackle the dehydration caused by diarrhea and from then onwards there was a steady decline in death toll caused by Diarrheal diseases.
Diarrheal diseases remain the second most leading cause of death next to pneumonia among under-five mortality globally, contributing to one-fifth of child deaths.
For instance, by 2013, mortality from tetanus decreased 93%, and diarrheal diseases caused 50% fewer deaths.
PorCoV HKU15 is now recognized as a key pathogenic cause of diarrheal diseases in pigs in the United States.
A high incidence of diarrheal diseases is registered in southern parts of the country, where around 500 settlements and more than 600,000 people do not have access to safe driking water," the Department said.
He added that "children under the age of 5 are most susceptible to diarrheal diseases as a result of poor hygienic conditions and unsafe use of water, with limited availability of safe drinking water," noting that they "need most urgent humanitarian needs in order to prevent the spread and increased incidence of diarrheal diseases due to overcrowding.
An extensive review of POU technologies concluded that simple acceptable low cost intervention at the households and community level are capable of improving the microbial quality of household's stored water and reducing the attendant risks of diarrheal diseases and death [9].
Abdullah Asiri said that cleaning hands in correct ways prevents a number of diseases including hepatitis-A, diarrheal diseases, and intestinal parasites in addition to bacteria that cause infection in health facilities.
Last year's there was noted clear change of etiological significance of pathogens, inducing acute diarrheal diseases in children (Gorelov et al.
Pneumonia and diarrheal diseases caused half of all deaths among 1-59-month-olds; the child mortality rate was higher among girls than boys (56.