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a domed rock formation where a core of rock has moved upward and pierced through the more brittle overlying strata

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If these rising diapirs (upwardly mobile rock masses) reach the surface, they form seamounts with a range of characteristics.
It has been argued that three-dimensional views of seismic wave velocities (seismic tomography) do provide support for hot, low-density (low-velocity) diapirs (plumes) rising from the core-mantle boundary to the lithosphere below oceanic islands such as Hawaii and Iceland (Ji and Nataf, 1998; Bijwaard and Spakman, 1999; Zhao, 2001).
5 bn barrels of oil in deep blocks which may be related to diapirs in front of the delta slope.
An alternate interpretation to strike-slip rotation is that Pennsylvanian rivers in the Cumberland Basin were deflected by salt diapirs (Ryan 1985; Gibling et al.
In the Southern Caspian, massive sedimentation during the last five million years was a main reason for extremely high over-pressures, low temperature gradients and mud diapirs, the latter being bodies highly saturated in gas.
These so-called "hotspots", for example Hawaii, are postulated to arise from up-welling diapirs with magma from the core - mantle boundary, 3,000 km deep in the Earth.
It has been suggested that a large proportion of Gachsaran salt was re-precipitated from Hormuz salt, extruded in diapirs east of the Kazerun Fault [19; 17].
The question is whether melting anomalies at the earth's surface are fueled by hot diapirs from the deep mantle--the plume hypothesis--or arise from shallow processes ultimately related to plate tectonics--the plate hypothesis.
The form of the pluton also points to a viscoelastic diapir interpretation since diapirs tend to have high aspect ratios (Weinberg & Podladchikov, 1994) in contrast with dyke-fed intrusions that are expected to be typically sheet-like, with a low aspect ratio (e.
Parker Bank is one of many continental shelf-edge banks in the northwest Gulf of Mexico situated on top of salt diapirs (Rezak et al.
Diapirs rising from a larger pool of buoyant magma are important in the ductile lower crust.
The location of each whale shark sighting was plotted on navigational charts, produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Chart numbers 11006, 11300, 11340), to examine the associations of whale sharks with bathymetric features such as reefs and salt diapirs.
The second pulse was the primary one relevant to regional fault systems within the basin (Baechler and Boehner 2014), incorporating marine evaporite units which exhibit complexly deformed salt basins, karstification, localized halokinesis with kilometre-scale intrusion of salt diapirs (Aslop et al.
The slope is being extensively deformed by a mass of salt diapirs, or rising domes, which is wedging itself between layers of mud as it flows downslope.