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2000) supports the relationship between several taxa in which at least some members, namely Diapensiaceae, Ebenaceae, Symplocaceae, Ternstroemiaceae, and Theaceae, are able to hyperaccumulate aluminum (Fig.
Diapensiaceae, Memecylaceae, Monimiaceae, Peridiscaceae, Rapateaceae, Siparunaceae, and Vochysiaceae.
Studies of floral morphology in the Ericales, VI: The Diapensiaceae.
Celastraceae Lophopyxis (Lophopyxidaceae) Combretaceae Thiloa Commelinaceae Murdania, Anthericopsis (1), Palisota (2) Connaraceae Connarus Corynocarpaceae Corynocarpus Crassulaceae Sempervivum Diapensiaceae All Dioscoreaceae Dioscorea sects.