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NYSE: LITB) ("LightInTheBox" or the "Company"), a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world, today announced a strategic partnership with Baidu Dianxin, a leading global mobile app provider and fully-owned subsidiary of Baidu, in jointly developing global mobile markets.
Having aimed for the global mobile app markets, Baidu Dianxin has developed a wide range of mobile apps for global consumers in more than 200 countries, like its power-saving app, DU Battery Saver and mobile boosting app, DU Speed Booster, which had been downloaded by nearly 200 million global mobile users outside China, as well as a 350 million mobile user basis in China domestic market.
We are very excited to have the strategic partnership with Baidu Dianxin to help explore global market opportunities," said Alan Guo, chairman and CEO of LightInTheBox, "This is a great example of two Chinese Internet companies working together to expand in global markets.
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