Dianthus barbatus

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Eurasian pink widely cultivated for its flat-topped dense clusters of varicolored flowers

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Dianthus Barbatus Noverna Clown; Campanula Ramosissima Meteora; Tropaeolum Aloha; Antirrhinum Bronze Dragon; Cisanthe Twinky Pinky; Poppy Somniferum Blackcurrant Fizz; Thunbergia African Sunset; Pansy Cranberry Sauce
Its botanical name is Dianthus barbatus from the Greek for "flower of Zeus" and Latin for beard, referring to the tufts on the flower buds.
But the new variety, Dianthus barbatus "Noverna Purple", if sown with heat in mid-winter and planted in May, flowers until September.
Nothing to do with Susan is Sweet William, Dianthus barbatus, which was condemned with the common name of Stinking Billy north of the border Culloden.
They are: Dianthus barbatus Noverna Purple (a 100 per cent annual Sweet William, flowering 80-100 days after sowing and producing plenty of light