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a particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative)

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Since two fluorescein species exist in PBS with different quantum yields and only the fluorescein dianion is present in borate buffer solution, MESF values can not be assigned to microbeads suspended in PBS using the calibration curve made by a series of dilutions of Fluorescein Solution SRM in borate buffer.
An iron porphyrin, (TPP)FeCl, where TPP is the dianion of tetraphenylporphyrin, was examined as the catalyst for the reductive dechlorination of 1.
In his classification, Holliday (2, 3) grouped the metal salts of dicarboxylic acids (4), invert glasses (5), and polysulfides (6) as ionic polymers of the dianion type, i.
More recently, a reducing agent as mild as the benzoin dianion in dimethyl sulfoxide was reported to react with PTFE films to generate reflective, metallic-appearing surfaces--a remarkable result, when one considers the chemical inertness of perfluorocarbons.
Hydrolysis rates were measured at 415 nm for 3 min with 30 s intervals, monitored by the formation of the thiolate dianion of DTNB.
9:30 Condensation-Cyclization of Polylithiated Methyl (2-Aminosulfonyl)benzoate with Several Dianion Type Intermediates.