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Scottish explorer who led Arctic expeditions that yielded geographic discoveries while searching for the Northwest Passage (1777-1856)

British explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic

British physician who discovered that mosquitos transmit malaria (1857-1932)

a politician in Wyoming who was the first woman governor in the United States (1876-1977)

American seamstress said to have made the first American flag at the request of George Washington (1752-1836)

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The soundtrack was a commercial success reaching gold status in the US and spawning the top 40 single, "Ease On Down The Road" featuring Diana Ross and a 20-year-old Michael Jackson.
it's remarkable how took the step in being a Diana Ross wannabe.
Her live performances mainly feature the music of Diana Ross, but Ms Webbe incorporates other ladies and sounds of the Motown era throughout her performance.
It first came to the Broadway stage in the 70s and was later turned into a movie with Michael Jackson and American comedian Richard Pryor as well as Diana Ross.
Diana Ross had left by that time, but The Supremes were still very big - they had six million-selling singles without her.
Wilson then recruited a new friend of hers, the young Diana Ross, and Jenkins added Betty McGlown to complete the lineup.
The Diana Ross few knew outside of the Motown colony was on a fast track to rise to the top from the first day she got to Motown; not incidentally, that was also the first day she knew who[m] she wanted to sleep with to keep up the momentum," the New York Post quoted Ribowsky as having written.
John Caudwell with girlfriend Claire Johnson, who was treated to a Diana Ross show.
Diana Ross is still the original and best superstar in the world.
But after reading the caption and learning that the pill consists of "melted vinyl from every Diana Ross and the Supremes Top 40 record released," and that the work's title is When Your Heartstrings Break, I Can Mend Them Back (The Supreme Solution), 1998, one might be willing see the piece as an encapsulation, as it were, of the consolatory promise of a certain kind of popular music.
While Gordy Singleton was making an impact behind the scenes, women from Diana Ross and the Supremes to the Marvelettes and Mable John were out in the front crafting a musical fairy tale with the company which began in 1959, not as Motown, but as Hitsville USA.
Motown's roster includes such stars as Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Gill and Queen Latifah.
MOTOWN legend Mary Wilson has revealed her pain at hearing how Diana Ross is re- forming The Supremes without her.
DIANA ROSS is Hill's favourite while Madonna heads Jack Brown's betting for tonight's grand final of Stars In Their Eyes, live on ITV from 7.
Executive Producers Joey & Bernadette DiFrancesco have just completed the double sound track music CD featuring 10 original songs and 10 classic Diana Ross and the Supremes hits that will appeal to parents and Baby Boomer grandparents who will bring their children to see our first G-Rated fully animated theatrical feature called "Gina D & The Transistors Sisters - In Search of the Golden Record.