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a woman who can be a successful wife and have a professional career at the same time

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Ring honours memory of Princess Diana PRINCE William honoured the memory of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales by using her engagement ring to propose to Kate Middleton, the royal revealed.
While the creator of the series took great liberties with the Greek mythology, reconceptualizing its rhetorical force in a manner better adapted for the comic audience, the evocation of the Amazon credo created a more compelling character than the bespectacled Diana Prince.
TV are looking to bring back Diana Prince - a k a Wonder Woman.
In America, she was known as Yeoman Diana Prince, who by day served as a secretary at the U.
Dr Khan - who had a two-year relationship with the princess before her 1997 death in Paris - also claimed Camilla told Diana Prince Charles was going to propose to her.
Diana Prince in honour of Diana, Princess of Wales.
15 Diana Prince was the alter ego of which superhero?
Returning to America with Steve in her new guise as War Department secretary Diana Prince (Lynda Carter), Wonder Woman fights injustice and crime using her superpowers and her trusty golden lasso of truth.
They have missed the oversized glasses of her wallflower-like alter-ego Diana Prince, who, like Clarke Kent, somehow fooled everyone that she is just an ordinary woman, and not a super- strength Amazonian warrior from the secret island of Themyscira.