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Synonyms for Diana

English aristocrat who was the first wife of Prince Charles

(Roman mythology) virgin goddess of the hunt and the Moon

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Well, I don't mind doing that," agreed Diana, relieved.
I solemnly swear to be faithful to my bosom friend, Diana Barry, as long as the sun and moon shall endure.
When Marilla and Anne went home Diana went with them as for as the log bridge.
Well, all I hope is you won't talk Diana to death," said Marilla.
asked Diana, cuddling Small Anne Cordelia with the inimitable gesture of motherhood which always sent through Anne's heart, filled with sweet, unuttered dreams and hopes, a thrill that was half pure pleasure and half a strange, ethereal pain.
Your wedding dress is a dream, anyhow," sighed Diana rapturously.
We want to run in and see Ruby Gillis a little while," explained Diana.
There is no truth in that report," said Diana, blushing.
Josie Pye will be just like her when she grows up," said Diana.
Speaking of stories, Diana," remarked Anne, in a significant, confidential tone, "do you know that lately I have been wondering if I could write a short story -- a story that would be good enough to be published?
Why, of course you could," said Diana, after she had grasped the amazing suggestion.
She pulled her arm away from Anne, as if in resentment, and ran downstairs, where she was gayer than ever, apparently so much absorbed in bantering her two swains that Diana and Anne felt rather out of it and soon went away.
Following their deaths, it was revealed that Princess Diana was wearing a ring that was given to her by her millionaire boyfriend.
Her attempt to get custody of her children was blocked and six-year-old Diana stayed with her father Viscount Althorp, later Earl Spencer.
Imagining Diana' by journalist Diane Clehane speculates on what would have happened had Diana survived the fatal car crash.