dialectical materialism

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the materialistic philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

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LSA machines have their indexing axis in the horizontal plane (drawings), while Diamat machines have their indexing axis in the vertical plane.
Methods are given in parentheses: Diabetes Diagnostic Laboratory, University of Missouri School of Medicine, Columbia, MO (Bio-Rad Diamat HPLC; Tosoh 2.
1c] was analyzed on a Diamat HPLC (Bio-Rad Laboratories) calibrated to give values similar to the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial method (28).
All samples were analyzed for GHB with the following methods: Primus CLC330 HPLC (Primus Corporation), Diamat and Variant HPLC (Bio-Rad Laboratories), 2.
Three laboratories used Bio-Rad Variant HPLCs (NGSP-certified), and two used Pharmacia Mono S column HPLC systems (13) traceable to the Bio-Rad Diamat HPLC method.
Interestingly, both studies used the same ion-exchange method (Bio-Rad Diamat HPLC).
1c], is measured on a Diamat HPLC (Bio-Rad Laboratories), and the values obtained are traceable to the "DCCT method".
4) comparatively evaluated five glycated Hb assay methods, including the Abbott IMx glycated Hb ion capture assay, they found that the methods showed generally acceptable precision and good accordance with the Bio-Rad Diamat system.
Diamat and CLC 330 HPLC analyses were performed in NGSP Network Laboratories.
HbA1c values (%) in blood from 34 presumed diabetic patients were generated using the Variant Express and compared with values from the Bio-Rad MDMS HPLC system with the Diamat reagents and assay program.
In France, a Bio-Rad Diamat HbA1c analyzer (Bio-Rad Laboratories) was operated according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Samples with hemoglobin variants were identified by comparison of retention times on the Diamat system (Bio-Rad Clinical Laboratories) to known retention times for Hb S and Hb C.
of uremic Method laboratories patient (A) HPLC ion-exchange chromatography (a) Bio-Rad; Diamat 4 6.