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(computer science) a small temporary window in a graphical user interface that appears in order to request information from the user

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When the dialogue box opens, specify the "Variable 1 range:" to be "G3:G32" (without the quotation marks).
It can alert users to new mail with any combination of three signals: a flashing icon, a dialogue box or audio.
When the dialogue box appears, click on the general tab and put a tick in the hidden check box at the bottom of the box.
Their questions are typed into a dialogue box on the web page, and submitted to Reichhold.
When the dialogue box appears, click on the performance tab and then click on the file system button.
IN Windows, right-clicking on your hard disk icon then choosing properties from the list will open a dialogue box that contains information about the hard disk.
If "SAME-DAY" is selected, a special dialogue box will appear requesting additional pick-up and delivery information including speed of delivery along with the exact location of the pick-up (contact, floor, department, ready time, etc.
The WinZip dialogue box will appear - if you are happy with the terms and conditions, click on I agree then the main window will appear followed by an add dialogue box.
In the single drive-letter mode, the utility software assigns four "slots" for each disc -- a dialogue box lists the contents of each slot.