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(computer science) a small temporary window in a graphical user interface that appears in order to request information from the user

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It is very easy to use, allowing quick and intuitive setting of work parameters, through dialog windows, which can be activated using the appropriate buttons, or via a simple mouse click on screen.
An API advantage is that there is a dialog window definition for setting options in these scripting languages.
First method opens the dialog window at the start of simulation and second method provides transformation of used input into adequate variable.
Then click on Special and, in the next dialog window, select Data validation.
A click on the desired tool brings up a dialog window.
1, developers can take advantage of a host of new features including: IBM WebSphere, JBoss and Weblogic Portal Support which allows intra-portlet communication; Improved Editable DataTables providing the most advanced functionality in a Java data table available and including cell editing, multi-column sorting, fixed columns and AJAX-enabled, load-on-demand scrolling; and Dialog Window to integrate design-time capabilities and a wide variety of common dialog window behaviors which can be configured using either client or server side APIs.
It allows developers to circumvent "popup blocker" features in many modern browsers and easily include both modal and non-modal dialog window functionality in web applications.
In the Repository, users can now move their product data, related files and associated folders within and across repositories by drag-and-drop or through a dialog window.
Common tasks such as red-eye removal, cropping and rotating are less intimidating with the new Quick Fix dialog, which promotes more powerful correction capabilities in a single, easy-to-understand dialog window.
Previously, a dialog window appeared on a user's computer screen while the snapshot ran requiring the dialog to be minimized.
The E Class model combines the variable dialog window with steering wheel integrated control of all functions of the radio, telematics services, communication and navigation.
technology such as: preview monitor, settings dialog window, screen saver
Measurements can be configured flexibly and simply: Users set parameters such as the numbering of matrix ports or configure used, unused and balanced ports in intuitive dialog windows on the analyzer s large touchscreen.
Re-Designed Open / Add / Save Dialog Windows - The DISCUS file dialogs now enable much faster loading of directories with a large number of files and folders, along with other standard features such as listing, searching, sorting and the ability to create new folders.