dialectical materialism

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the materialistic philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

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It is in the forge of the history of science, from a dynamic conception of scientific theories, that his original brand of dialectic materialism coupled with epistemological realism emerges.
As previously mentioned, the direct reference to Engels is significant, especially when seen in relation to chapter XI of volume V, dedicated precisely to Engels's dialectic materialism which Geymonat regards now as a possible solution to the "debate between materialism, mechanism, agnosticism, and evolutionism, and in the relationship between philosophy and science.
After an initial treatment in "Attualita del materialismo dialettico" (1974), the choice toward Leninist materialism emerges, especially in Scienza e realismo (1977), where Geymonat in the first pages lists the thinkers to whom he feels he is closely but not uncritically related: obviously Lenin's dialectic materialism, but also the Neopositivists, particularly Moritz Schlick and some post-neopositivists such as Gaston Bachelard, Willard V.