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Synonyms for dialect

Synonyms for dialect

a variety of a language that differs from the standard form

a system of terms used by a people sharing a history and culture

specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture

Synonyms for dialect

the usage or vocabulary that is characteristic of a specific group of people

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The highest percentage of low vowels can be found in the Western dialect and the lowest in the dialects of the North-Eastern Coastal dialect group.
Zhang Min (1990), who has examined the dialectal distribution and historical development of both forms, has determined, as did Zhu Dexi before him, that the interrogative adverb employed in Adv-VP may vary from dialect group to dialect group.
At the same time, we can discern several important bundles of isoglosses which represent the boundaries of dialect groups.
It is only through careful re-reading (and a schematic representation on page 225) that we learn that, by and large, four Bidayuh dialect groups should be distinguished (an Eastern Group, Western Group, Central Group and "Sembaan" Group) and that Rara' is definitely a dialect of Bakati'.
Bill Griffiths, of the Durham and Tyneside Dialect Group, will be at the Library Theatre, South Shields, to give a talk called Pitman Superstitions or the Tale of a Pig on August 9.
Analyses presented in the paper are based on the core variety of Moksha, namely, sub-dialects of the Central dialect group, which is the prototype of the literary language (see, for example Feoktistov 1990 : LXXI-LXXXVI).
The Yorkshire Dialect Group usually meets from September to March but is now extending its courses.
He has produced a number of books on the history, dialect and place names of the North-East and become involved with the Durham and Tyneside Dialect Group in 1998.
Bill Griffiths, of The Durham and Tyneside Dialect Group, will be looking at the history and development of North East speech at the Wednesday Heritage Club in South Shields next week.
They are restricted to this dialect group and do not survive in the Neo-Syriac dialects, as do other grammatical features, such as the infinitive forms of the derived stems.
Indeed, Bill Griffiths, of the Durham and Tyneside Dialect Group, says the words are so well established they are "a part of the local dialect".
A morphological system that remains productive today and is not restricted to a single, cohesive dialect group would be powerful evidence of its presence in the early language.
AUTHOR Bill Griffiths, of the Durham and Tyneside Dialect Group, is currently working on Wor Language ( a study of dialect and work processes in the past.
For this purpose the Hiiumaa dialect group was chosen, which has followed various peculiar paths of development and is therefore more interesting than any other average North Estonian dialect or dialect group.
His taxonomic criteria are sophisticated, each one characterized in terms of diagnostic value, with primacy assigned to those based on phonological distinctions that correlate with the common system of one dialect group but are not found in the common system of another.