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Synonyms for dial

the marked outer surface of an instrument


to communicate with (someone) by telephone

Synonyms for dial

the face of a timepiece

the control on a radio or television set that is used for tuning

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the circular graduated indicator on various measuring instruments

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a disc on a telephone that is rotated a fixed distance for each number called

operate a dial to select a telephone number

choose by means of a dial

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Truecaller is now planning to fully replace the native dial pad app on Android devices with significant upgrades that make the experience faster, smarter, and more convenient.
The new device is auto-complete with a dial pad, and is social media and chat friendly.
But in reality, some of us have trouble pressing those keys on the dial pad because of some special physical need, or have vision loss and want to know something as simple as who the person is calling you, what missed calls you have or if you have any voice mails, or simply just have trouble figuring out how to transfer a call.
Although vendors have improved their systems' user-friendliness in recent years, a videoconferencing keypad is still far more intimidating that the familiar 10-digit phone dial pad.
When in use, however, a unique glow-thru dial pad and sub-display come to life and the phone opens to reveal a vivid 2.
Among the updated apps, the Phone dialer now lets the user look up his contact directly from the dial pad or simply tap "frequent contacts" to search his phonebook.
To signal an emergency, field personnel use number "1" on the dial pad of their portable transmitters.
At roughly half the price of an IP desk phone, the Interactive Intelligence Interaction SIP Station([TM]) was designed for reliability and simplicity -- no display, dial pad, or handset -- without sacrificing features.
EasyHome: Users can access their favorite features, such as camera, contacts, dial pad, voicemail, weather and more by simply pushing the button located below the screen.
App works in background of default Android dial pad: When the user dials an international number from the native Android dial pad, or selects a contact with an international number from the address book, the call is automatically intercepted and routed via Rebtel instead of their carrier.
Access the dial pad and type the following: *#197328640#.
With a dedicated chip-set delivering high quality audio, the Interaction SIP Station([TM])has no hand set, display, or dial pad.
Go to the phone's dial pad and type the following: *#197328640#.
Users can place and answer calls by simply picking up the handset and dialing a number on the dial pad or on the device's screen; the ShoreTel Dock automatically launches the ShoreTel Mobility application so the user doesn't have to think to do so.
Once the VoiceStick([R]) is inserted into a USB port, a dial pad display enables the user to call any telephone in the world directly from the computer, using VoIP technology at a fraction of normal long-distance rates.