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a square matrix with all elements not on the main diagonal equal to zero

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Let B be an irreducible reversible substochastic matrix and suppose that [PI] and [PI]' are positive diagonal matrices such that [[PI].
Setting s = 1 in the above theorem gives us the class of diagonal matrices.
The light pentad contains three diagonal matrices ([[beta].
n] of invertible diagonal matrices acts on the set of symmetric matrices by the rule X x A = XAX and we consider the graph G on n vertices [v.
m)]; according to this definition, diagonal matrices have zero bandwidth, tridiagonal ones have bandwidth m = 1, etc.
This means that the solver we derive below is also applicable for semiseparable plus diagonal matrices.
We experimented with additional problems from structural analysis [6], and circuit simulations (obtained from Sandia National Labs), but these had column space bases that were block diagonal matrices, with small blocks; hence these problems were not interesting for our purposes.
A fractional splitting set for U, V, and W is a set of k-by-k diagonal matrices [D.
where the diagonal matrices D, D' are supposed to be quaternion-valued, nonsingular, but otherwise arbitrary matrices.