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Synonyms for X-ray

electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target

examine by taking x-rays

Related Words

take an x-ray of something or somebody

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Diagnostic x-rays and laboratory tests are a part of the care rendered in the treatment of an illness or injury, or as part of a routine examination.
Moreover, researchers warned that skipping mammograms and other diagnostic x-rays poses a greater peril than the possibility of triggering the AT gene.
A study found that in Britain the risk of anyone up to the age of 75 getting cancer from diagnostic X-rays was about 0.
Bruce Vafa will use diagnostic X-rays and images to determine the extent of the damage and help create a treatment plan.
The most common gamma emitter used in medical applications is the nuclear isomer technetium-99m which emits gamma rays in the same energy range as diagnostic X-rays.
In 14 of the countries, the cumulative risk of cancer from diagnostic x-rays was estimated to be 0.
Washington, Oct 5 (ANI): A new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Public Health has revealed that diagnostic X-rays may increase the risk of developing childhood leukemia.
International academic literature--especially over the past 5 years--has emphasised the established association between radiation exposure from computed tomography (a primary concern), as well as other sources of diagnostic X-rays, that leads to a significant increase in the risk for fatal cancer over a child's lifetime.
This is especially important for pregnant women, children, and others who wish to reduce their exposure to radiation from diagnostic X-rays.
By June 26 it was evident something was seriously wrong and diagnostic X-rays showed she had developed Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, the inquest heard.