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Synonyms for diagnostic

Synonyms for diagnostic

characteristic or indicative of a disease


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We report hospitalization diagnostic codes that may not represent the distribution of disease manifestations experienced by individual patients.
Health organizations are required by a federal mandate to transition to a new set of diagnostic codes, called the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), which are used to classify medical procedures and diagnostic properties in records and reimbursement claims.
The database includes information on patient age, sex, diagnostic code, and outcome of the ED visit and the nearly 13 million visits included in the analysis comprising 99% of the ED visits for the period studied.
Second, in terms of the pricing of the individual codes, CMS decided to refer these 101 new molecular diagnostic codes to the Medicare contractors and allow them to "gapfill" the codes.
The ICD-9 code set includes nearly 14,000 diagnostic codes compared with 69,000 in ICD-10.
The models included the age and sex of the patient as well as three measures of general health at the time of hip surgery (the American Society of Anaesthesiologists grade that scores the patient's other serious illnesses, the number of distinct diagnostic codes recorded at time of surgery, and the number of NHS funded admissions to hospital in the previous five years).
Researchers should also specify diagnostic codes used, list the data source, and provide as much detail as possible about nuances of the data, such as whether the code was considered the primary or secondary health end point, whether an emergency room visit led to hospital admission, and whether rates were age-adjusted.
Another change coming our way is the eventual adoption of diagnostic codes in dentistry.
0 (Minimum Data Set) allowed after various Long Term Care Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) diagnostic codes for conditions still being treated were fisted.
shows that going from one to two diagnostic codes excluded 40 percent of the initial sample.
It is organized to follow the sequence of a mental health evaluation and the writing of a report and includes report and treatment planning formats, and all DSM-IV-TR and ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes.
Using a combination of diagnostic codes (ICD-9 codes) entered on medical charts and data from X-rays and other tests, they confirmed 205 cases of ischaemic stroke.
Migraine diagnostic codes were also significantly associated with codes for other vascular events: Among women with a migraine during pregnancy, a diagnosis of an MI was five times more likely, a heart disease diagnosis was about twice as likely, a diagnosis of a pulmonary embolism was about three times as likely, and a diagnosis of thrombophilia was almost four times as likely.
It runs a check of approximately 1,600 diagnostic codes.
When I worked in community mental health with severely disturbed clients, we used diagnostic codes to summarize their symptoms.
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