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the measurement of hearing


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The civilian audiologist's main role is to provide diagnostic audiology services to TRICARE * eligible family members, dependents and retirees.
Marching bands, which expose young ears to loud sounds, can cause irreparable hearing damage, according to Brian Fligor, director of diagnostic audiology at Children's Hospital in Boston.
Each of ENT and Allergy Associates' 36 clinical locations provides access to a full complement of services, including General Adult and Pediatric ENT, Voice and Swallowing, Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery, Disorders of the Inner Ear and Dizziness, Asthma, Clinical Immunology, Diagnostic Audiology, Hearing Aid dispensing, Sleep and CT services.
Over the years, Mimosa Acoustics has worked in collaboration with top audiological researchers to extend the frontiers of screening and diagnostic audiology.
Ives also was director of diagnostic audiology at the California Ear Institute at Stanford in Palo Alto.
The medical group provides state-of-the-art ear, nose and throat care with many in-house services including CT scanners, ultrasound, allergy testing, diagnostic audiology and hearing aid products.
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