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Synonyms for diacritic

a mark added to a letter to indicate a special pronunciation

capable of distinguishing


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Using classical Arabic books with diacritic marks will be very helpful in developing more accurate speech recognition systems for the Arabic language.
are identified with diacritics, which are very important in defining the
3 (May 1980): 332-47; Barbara Johnson, "My Monster/My Self," Diacritics 12, no.
Indices are inadequate and often unhelpful: place names are offered without further specification; technical terms lack diacritics and are intermixed with non-technical phrases such that "Russian Revolution" appears next to "sabat" (p.
However, there is also ample evidence for the diacritic use of <CC> digraphs in Old English MSS.
3) Martin Hagglund, "The Necessity of Discrimination: Disjoining Derrida and Levinas," diacritics, 34:1 (2004), 47.
To begin with, the volume displays many editorial slips, in the form of typographical errors, and frequent inconsistencies in spelling and the application of diacritics.
Organization is in sections on basic terms and concepts, articulatory phonetics, phonetic transcription and diacritics, theory and practice, normal phonological development, collection of data for evaluation, dialects and English as a second language, diagnosis and treatment or therapy for articulation and phonological errors, and considerations for selected populations.
When designing diacritics, it is necessary to pay attention to their thickness, position, size and eigenvalue of the letterform from the font-face concerned.
Main goal of this work is to invent new principles in the field of processing hand written text especially focused on text with language specifics like diacritics
s CS4 product line with the enhancement of specific MEA language features, including spell checking, bi-directional text flow and typographic controls such as kashidas, ligature and diacritics.
An internationalized domain name (IDN) is an internet domain name that contains at least one character that is displayed in software applications such as web browsers, in whole or in part, in a language-specific script or alphabet, such as Chinese, Russian or the Latin-based languages with diacritics, such as German.
Basic letters, dots and diacritics are also separated, on basis of Ghost Character Theory now registered with ISO and Unicode.
Tasmeem 4 will highlight the Position Tuner, a powerful feature that enables the user to drag and drop any glyph, diacritics or dots to create work suited for the creative, publishing and design industries in the region.
There are, however, rather more misprints than one would expect from the OUP, particularly in Greek text where diacritics are sometimes wrong and too much space often appears after accented syllables.