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Synonyms for diacritic

a mark added to a letter to indicate a special pronunciation

capable of distinguishing


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A special requirements was the need for the network and its terminal equipment to support the American Library Association (ALA) ASCII character set which incorporates diacritic marks and other special symbols used when cataloging library materials.
The challenge for the OCR engine when recognizing Arabic text is discriminating between diacritic marks and `noise' on a scanned page, isolating individual characters in the script-like Arabic text, and identifying Arabic characters that frequently change shape depending on the location of the character in a word.
Using a Macintosh computer, the author prepared camera-ready copy with all the necessary diacritic marks in addition to Chinese characters.
These tones are indicated by diacritic marks (accents) which, if altered, change the meaning of the word, sometimes dramatically: a mother (ma) can easily become a horse (ma) or an evil spirit (ma).