diabetic coma

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coma that can develop in inadequately treated cases of diabetes mellitus

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had also been diagnosed posthumously with diabetes and that the cause of death had also been reported as diabetic shock.
The collapse was attributed to one of 5 causes: 'heat illness, impact to celiac plexus, head and neck injury, diabetic shock or epilepsy'.
The driver of the vehicle had reportedly gone into diabetic shock while driving.
She was waiting at traffic lights when the Mini - which police believe was being driven by a man suffering from a diabetic shock - ploughed into the back of her car.
She kept her head and got Brooke out which was very important as she is diabetic and goes into diabetic shock if she's stressed and her blood sugar goes low as it did on this occasion," added the mum.
One friend told me she saw Israeli soldiers refuse passage to a woman who had gone into diabetic shock and who needed to cross into Jerusalem to get her insulin.
The young Toyota driver had been about to go into diabetic shock and may have blacked out before hitting my rental vehicle.
A QUICK-thinking tot was hailed a hero yesterday after running down his street calling for help when his mother went into diabetic shock.
Roosevelt Sims was experiencing diabetic shock, but an Amtrak crew thought he was drunk.
So, does Jack really have DCS, or maybe he had a stroke or maybe he is in diabetic shock.