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a lateen-rigged sailing vessel used by Arabs

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A 30-member team of Qataris, consisting of 16 experienced sailors, dhow repairers, cooks and other technicians who left on a "Historic 44-day voyage," were given a touching farewell from a specially-erected enclosure near Gate 16 of the Katara beach, amidst singing of traditional Qatari folklore music by a group.
They either overload their dhows or have extremely bad storage practices," he said.
Briton Michael Stokes found the ageing remains of his father's prized dhows in an attic in Cornwall, UK, shortly after the former Gulf Aviation (now Gulf Air) pilot died last year.
The Arabs had left an indelible mark on maritime domain; their dhows had not only carried merchandise, but had spread Islamic culture as far as Indonesia and China.
The new regulations identify licensing authorities to take effect beginning from April 1, set clear standards and controls on the licensing of all Tourist Dhows operating in Qatari waters.
The tools used in building dhows, from the smallest to the largest, are basic such as the hammer, saw, chisel, adz (axe like tool with a curved blade at right angles to the handle used for shaping wood), bow-drill, plane, and caulking iron.
DOHA KATARA'S third annual Dhow Festival, which received around a half million visitors over five days, concluded on Saturday evening with an awards ceremony for the winners of its traditional rowing, sailing and diving competitions.
Summary: Program features series of heritage lectures, performances by regional bands, live boat-building demonstrations, dhow cruises, light and fireworks shows.
Regarding the issue of monitoring and tracking of Dhows, the same is possible since Dhows have to be fitted with AIS.
Al Jeran revealed the majority of Bahraini dhows that are attacked sail from the North East of the country and have professional fishermen who navigate into deep waters.
19 (BNA) - At least two cargo dhows (boats) were gutted in a major fire on the Dubai Creek late on Saturday, UAE Police and Civil Defense confirmed.
Whilst building models of dhows is the normal business of Abdulla Buzaboon in Muharraq suq (it is highly commendable to see Bahraini heritage being preserved), I have brought a pair of antique dhows for his expert care and restoration from my parents' home in Cornwall.
An RTA ferry stacked with sailing fans departed from the Marina Mall at 8am and headed to Moon Island, en route to which the sailing dhows with their white masts could be seen by all on board.
DOHA A RESEARCH centre aimed at preserving the age-old legacy of dhows (traditional sailing vessels) will be established at Katara Cultural Village, Katara General Director of Culture Dr Khaled bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti has said.
There was a large amount of fuel inside the dhows and that caused serious problems in controlling it," said Brigadier Anas Abdul Rahman Al Matroushi, from Dubai Civil Defence.