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sastram kevalam asritya kriyate yatra nirnayah I vyavaharah sa vijneyo dharmas tenapi vardhate II desasthityanumanena naigamanumatena ca I kriyate nirnayas tatra vyavaharas tu badhyate II vihaya caritacaram yatra kuryat punar nrpah I nirnayam sa tu rajajna caritram badhyate taya II (BrSm 1.
This vyavahara has four feet: dharma, vyavahara, caritra, and king's decree; each succeeding one countermands each previous one.
First, the meanings of three terms in the verse, dharma, vyavahara, and caritra, are unclear.
21) In the strong sense, atmatusti creates dharma, as in Medhatithi's striking statement: "even adharma becomes dharma, and dharma becomes adharma'' (adharmo 'pi dharmatam eti dharmas cadharmatam).
It is worth noting that in the case of vikalpa the option is not between dharma and adharma, but rather between two equally "legal" dharmas.
The sources of Hindu dharma have been discussed in places too numerous to mention exhaustively (see, e.
So I omit for the sake of space thorough and interesting chapters that consider Asoka, the changes wrought on dharma by time, on the biographies of Sita and Draupadi, and on the Bhagavad-Gita.
Reviewing prior studies of dharma/dharman in the Vedic literature, Hiltebeitel dismisses common notions of a link between dharma and "cosmic order" or between dharman and karman and of a lack of singular uses of the term (pp.
Beyond the basic uses of dharma as "teaching," "quality," and "phenomenon," Hiltebeitel makes much out of a problem he sees in accepting Wilhelm Halbfass's emphasis on dharma's early uses being plural.
A course on dharma, justice, gender and ecology, taught by Purush--ottama Bilimoria, professor of philosophy and comparative studies at Deakin University in Australia.
Prominent themes are dharma (ethics and duties), samsara (cycle of rebirth), karma (right action), and moksha (liberation from the cycle of samsara).
1-2) Son of good family, it is a woman endowed with these four qualities who will have the Dharma discourse of the White Lotus of the True Dharma in her hands.
Whoever, Samantabhadra, may at the latter time, on the latter occasion, 18 when the last five hundred years are in progress, see a monk holding a Dharma discourse of the White Lotus of the True Dharma .
In chapters two and three of his book, Bowles provides the best state-of-the-field synthesis of dharma in Brahminical traditions that I have read.
Yudhisthira's persistent questioning throughout this section of the epic allows a full exposition of the tension between different conceptualizations of dharma to emerge.