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the capital and largest city of Bangladesh

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A group of women who were locked in a cycle of poverty in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh (pictured here), have been given new lives in Dubai
The major issues deliberated upon during the meeting included the SAARCFINANCE databasethe review of its progress and way forward, the modalities for collaborative research studies,inviting the chairperson of SAARC Payment Council (SPC) in the regional group meeting to present the SPC activity Report,the standardization of modalities for SAARCFINANCE Staff Exchange Programme and the new proposals from the member countries to hold seminars or other activities under the aegis of SAARCFINANCE and the agenda for the 30th SAARCFINANCE group meeting to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on June 12,2015.
Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, attn Siroco Messerli, Bay~s Edgewater, 8th Floor, Plot 12, North Avenue, 1212 Dhaka, Bangladesh, E-mail: dha.
NEW YORK, AMSTERDAM, LONDON and DHAKA, Bangladesh, September 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --
Indian carrier Jet Airways announced on Tuesday that it is launching new direct flights between Mumbai and Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 23 December 2009.
Summary: The Emirates Friendship Hospital Ship, a charity venture run by registered NGO, Friendship, and funded by the Emirates Airline Foundation has been officially inaugurated in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Mridu, a social anthropologist who has worked extensively with Asian women and children in Britain, and Jyoti, who has worked with and evaluated development programs in Bangladesh and India, juxtapose the words and children and their families in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh, with background information about the family and situation.
Later that month, the executive director of the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) pledged that computers would be given to a reproductive health clinic in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Earlier in her career, Sanderson served as an economic officer in Kuwait and Tel Aviv, Israel as well as a consular officer in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Police in Dhaka, Bangladesh, stopped a march by people who chanted slogans and burned the Stars and Stripes.
toughest pLace to be a ferryman bbc2 9pm Colin Window, a bridge officer on the Woolwich ferry in East London, travels to Dhaka, Bangladesh to ply his trade on the chaotic Buringanga river.
RIYADH: Early legal action will be taken against the four alleged killers apprehended last week for the slaying of Saudi Embassy official Khalaf Al-Ali in Dhaka, Bangladesh Ambassador Mohamed Shahidul Islam told Arab News yesterday.
44 miles at Bangabandhu National Stadium in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in October 2011.
com/article/2013/05/09/us-bangladesh-fire-idUSBRE94801T20130509) Thursday morning that the new estimated death toll from the April 24 garment factory collapse in Rana Plaza near Dhaka, Bangladesh, has reached 912 people.
But these regimens often pose logistical problems in developing countries, says Debasish Saha, a clinician and epidemiologist at the Centre for Health and Population Research in Dhaka, Bangladesh.