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any of various polysaccharides obtained by hydrolysis of starch

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The aim of the liquefaction process is to convert a suspension of starch to dextrins and reduce the viscosity, thus to facilitate the conversion to glucose through amyloglucosidase.
2, the neutral amylase became strong noticeably when starch and other three dextrins were taken as carbon source.
Thus glucose, maltose and limit dextrins are the end products of glucoamylase action.
Abomasal glucose, maize starch and maize dextrin infusions in cattle: Small intestinal disappearance, net portal glucose flux and ileal oligosaccharide flow.
They involved adding dextrin into a batter formulation, and using a package containing a susceptor material, which improves heat transmission and increases the temperatures reached in the microwave.
larger sized, alpha-limit dextrins for industrial use, as compared to those generated by previously known alpha-amylases or other starch hydrolytic enzymes.
Some dextrins are absorbed poorly enough to count as fiber on nutrition labels.
Assuming this trade agreement is approved by EU ministers, Montenegrin duties for casein glues and other glues of animal origin; glues based on starches, or on dextrins or other modified starches would vanish, as would EU duties on such products manufactured in Montenegro.
Alpha-amylase cuts the carbohydrates into larger, unfermentable chains known as dextrins (containing more than three sugars).
Effect of Arabinoxylans, Beta-glucans, and Dextrins on the Viscosity and Membrane Filterability of Beer
Well-balanced conceptually, Essentia's recovery beverage combines key electrolytes (magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium) with an antioxidant (vitamin C), Bioenergy's D-ribose and a proprietary combination of natural fruit juices and dextrins (Energy Smart, marketed by Capitola, Calif.
Featuring efficacious functionality, these all-natural and unrefined sweeteners are made by a patented process for combining mono and di-saccharides from fruit(s) with specially developed medium and long chain dextrins from grain(s).
converted into soluble carbohydrates, maltose and dextrins, and by evaporation reduced to a dry powder consisting of maltose, dextrins, proteins and salts" to be mixed with a prescribed amount of milk.
The company's coating technology coats the dry core material (while it is mechanically fluidized) with atomized layers of product dissolved in a solvent or water mixed with binders such as cellulose derivatives, dextrins, emulsifiers, protein derivatives, starch derivatives, clay, lime, or other chemicals.
Dextrins belong to a class of low-molecular-weight carbohydrates degradation products madefrom starch manufactured by a process called pyrolysis.