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a corticosteroid drug (trade names Decadron or Dexamethasone Intensol or Dexone or Hexadrol or Oradexon) used to treat allergies or inflammation

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The letters "DX" in the product names indicate use of less than one milligram of the steroid Dexamethazone Sodium Phosphate in a controlled release device housed in the tip of the lead.
She talked easily about her diet, but seemed anxious when given a new schedule to taper her dexamethazone.
Clomiphene citrate and dexamethazone in treatment of clomiphene citrate-resistant polycystic ovary syndrome: a prospective placebo-controlled study.
These medicines include Chloroquine 50 ml vial, Vitaman B12 50ml vial, Dipyron 50 ml vial, Dexamethazone 50 ml vial, B-Complex 50 ml vial, Prednisolone 50 ml vial, Oxteracycline 50 ml vial and Phenyl Butazone ampule and vials.