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the temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins

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1990) model considers a coil to either be fully dry or fully wet depending on whether an equivalent coil surface temperature is greater than or less than the air inlet dewpoint temperature.
The first approach includes analysis of a gas on gas chromatograph and calculation of hydrocarbon dewpoint envelope (hydrocarbon dewpoint temperatures at different pressures) using some equation of state and characterization method.
On the psychrometric chart, this process is represented by a horizontal movement along a constant humidity ratio, dewpoint temperature, or vapor pressure line (ASHRAE 2001).
wind speed; the Kestrel 2000 ($119) for measuring wind speed, temperature, wind chill; the Kestrel 3000 ($179) for measuring relative humidity, heat stress, dewpoint temperature, wind chill, wind speed, temperature.
For 1 May-30 September, for each year from 1980 to 1996, Environment Canada provided hourly values of air temperature and dewpoint temperature from the weather station at the Toronto Pearson International Airport in Etobicoke, which is located approximately 15 km from downtown Toronto.
Features include weather proof rating IP65, factory calibrated traceable to national standards, accurate to 1ppm moisture in dry gas, performance not affected by pressure or flow rate, defines dewpoint temperature down to -100 [degrees] C, interchangeable snesors without affecting accuracy, field calibrated in less than one minute, two-year guarantee on product performance, quality control to ISO 9002, stainless steel sensor holder, with a 30 feet cable and circular calculator included.
The Humiscan[R] uses a high-quality capacitive relative humidity sensor, a solid state temperature sensor, and a microprocessor to calculate dewpoint temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, and wet bulb temperature.