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the temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins

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As shown here, for example, ambient air at a temperature of 75 F with a dewpoint temperature of 60 F has a relative humidity of 59.
d] is the dewpoint temperature (units are irrelevant as long as they are consistently applied in the equation).
1990) model considers a coil to either be fully dry or fully wet depending on whether an equivalent coil surface temperature is greater than or less than the air inlet dewpoint temperature.
The first approach includes analysis of a gas on gas chromatograph and calculation of hydrocarbon dewpoint envelope (hydrocarbon dewpoint temperatures at different pressures) using some equation of state and characterization method.
On the psychrometric chart, this process is represented by a horizontal movement along a constant humidity ratio, dewpoint temperature, or vapor pressure line (ASHRAE 2001).
In other words, it is important to know whether very hot and humid conditions are likely to occur and to persist, but forecasting precise air or dewpoint temperatures is less consequential.
The dewpoint temperature is a measure of the water content in the drying air.
The air in contact with the ground becomes cold, and the air cools close to its dewpoint temperature.
Moisture in the air surrounding a surface that is to be painted will condense on to that surface if the temperature is close to the dewpoint temperature.
Ambient dewpoint temperature as high as 63[degrees]F can provide partial economization for a return water temperature of 73[degrees]F.
Vaisala has developed the DM70, a new portable meter for measuring dewpoint temperature in compressed air lines and other dry gas systems.
DEWPOINT TEMPERATURE: The dewpoint temperature is the second fundamental drying parameter.
0 software using the Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter -which measures and records the relative humidity (rh), the air temperature (Ta), the surface temperature (Ts) and calculates the dewpoint temperature (Td) and the difference between the dewpoint temperature and the surface temperature (T).
The Elcometer 319 Dewmeter measures relative humidity (RH %), air temperature (Ta[degrees]C/[degrees]F) and surface temperature (Ts [degrees]C/[degrees]F)and calculates the dewpoint temperature (Td [degrees]C/[degrees]F) and the difference between the surface temperature and the dewpoint temperature (T[degrees]C/[degrees]F).
The magenta line continues upward until the parcel reaches saturation which happens when the temperature of the parcel cools to the dewpoint temperature of the parcel.