Dewey decimal classification

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a system used by libraries to classify nonfictional publications into subject categories

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We chose not to use any other prefixes or codes as we felt the Dewey number provided enough coded information for users to deal with.
The example below from Joyce Saricks shows how the traditional subject access tools of subject headings and Dewey numbers fail to adequately convey those characteristics of a book that would make it of interest to a reader
Appendix 1 outlines the new collections used at Beaumaris, showing how Dewey numbers from different parts of the collections have been combined.
to enable students to connect Dewey numbers with shelf locations
Students also struggled to understand the relationship of the Dewey numbers with Dewey categories.
Also, the question places students in an almost blind situation, as Dewey numbers do not often mean anything to them.
They also break weeding criteria down by topic and Dewey Numbers and explain how to use automation tools.