Dewey decimal system

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a system used by libraries to classify nonfictional publications into subject categories

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You can be sure that our students will remember the Dewey Decimal System.
Even the World Wide Web uses the Dewey Decimal System to organize information.
Before the Information Revolution, we organized information by creating categories and fitting data into the proper pigeonhole--the Dewey decimal system of organizing books in a library is a good example of this method.
In order to make information accessible, he developed the Dewey Decimal System -- the system used today by most public libraries.
With the transition from stacks and the Dewey Decimal system to bytes, clusters and metadata, academic libraries need a digital archiving strategy that addresses their immediate and future needs.
Libraries, and the services they provide, have evolved exponentially since the Dewey Decimal System was published in the late 1800s.
I told him he would be in charge, but I gave him a little advice - not to use the Dewey Decimal System because it was too complicated," Graziano said.
His Yale classmate Kelsey Saint came aboard soon thereafter, and helped establish the Construction Specification Institute's 16-division format, an organizational system which did for building documents what the Dewey Decimal System did for library books.
The Kotobus program has services beyond book rental space -- it also offers storytelling, puppet shows, and can help schools organize their libraries and learn about the Dewey decimal system.
The brief section on classification schemes only presents examples in the Dewey Decimal System.
It's like Tony Scott trying to direct an action film about the Dewey Decimal System or something
In view of the fact that all college staff must become familiar with the public library circulation system, one might wonder if there will also be training in the Dewey Decimal System.
Why not just use the Dewey Decimal System at this point?
Whether she can wow him with her knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System remains to be seen, but I'm sure if she hangs around for a while, she'll be able to plunder his card catalogue and get her hands on his big rubber stamp.
He was responsible for introducing the Dewey decimal system of classification, firstly in the Lending Library in 1899 and then in the Reference Library over 1910-15.