Dewey decimal classification

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a system used by libraries to classify nonfictional publications into subject categories

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Question 4 on both pre and post test asked the students to decide on a Dewey decimal number, for example the 200s or 300s, for placement of a book on a particular topic.
Using our Best-of-Web Directory, a visitor will be able to find links to all the best Web sites on theatre, for example, and then, using the Dewey Decimal number or subject headings for that topic, zip over to their local public library and quickly and easily find books on theatre.
Each entry contains information on suitable grade levels, adaptor or translator, illustrations, series title, date of publication, publisher and price, ISBN, review citations, and the Dewey Decimal number, with a brief annotation.
The library community has employed metadata systems for more than 100 years, classifying information by means of Dewey Decimal numbers and the Library of Congress' alphanumeric system.
But that no more conveys an adequate sense of her activities than does describing a librarian as someone who recites Dewey decimal numbers.