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There are a variety of devices for holding and retrieving these samples, and the form of these devices determines how big the opening in the dewar is and, therefore, how long the dewar will last.
Modern cryovessels, then, are a compromise between convenience and dewar lifetime.
IT WAS exactly the way Donald Dewar would have wanted it.
Dewar, who never remarried after his divorce in 1973, never spoke to Lord Irvine - an old Glasgow University friend - after he married Alison.
The story of the Dewar family is an interesting one whether you like whisky or not and the entire centre is very well put together.
SCOTLAND'S only clan bard has composed a lament to the late First Minister Donald Dewar.
John Dewar & Sons Limited plans to develop the site to accommodate bonded warehouses and a bulk and blend center capable of housing more than a million casks with the first phase operational by January 2009.
Dewar's is thrilled to be associated with Sir Sean Connery," said Neil Boyd, Global Brand Director of John Dewar and Sons.