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vacuum flask that holds liquid air or helium for scientific experiments

Scottish chemist and physicist noted for his work in cryogenics and his invention of the Dewar flask (1842-1923)

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John Lambie, chair of the Scottish Labour Party, said: 'Scotland has lost a true friend with the death of Donald Dewar.
In reply, Mr Dewar - as in the case of his recently-fired aide, John Rafferty - described Chalmers as his friend.
Within Labour ranks, Enterprise Minister Henry McLeish is Mr Dewar's most senior colleague, and he was one of several Ministers to whom Mr Dewar spoke by phone after his discharge from hospital.
It was the first time the finger of blame has been pointed publicly at Mr Dewar, who died in 2000, but MSPs have privately shifted responsibility for the fiasco to the dead politician.
His official spokesman Mr David Whitton said a 'minor irregularity' had been detected when Mr Dewar had a check at Glasgow's Stobhill Hospital in March.
Canavan quoted Dewar, who fell and died of a brain haemorrhage in 2000, as saying: "Oh, no
On August 21, bookish teenager Dewar wrote in his diary: "I was 16 today and I spent the morning at home.
Scottish Tory leader Mr David McLetchie said: "Donald Dewar has known about the Chalmers incident for nearly two months yet his response was to try and cover up for him.
At an earlier hearing, Dewar, 18, had admitted murdering Joshua.
Mr Dewar, who died suddenly last year, left a pounds 2million estate including shares in some privatised companies.
But, as the Fraser inquiry heard last year, civil servants failed to tell Dewar that.
SCOTTISH First Minister Donald Dewar inherited the stocks he left after his death and never bought a single share, according a leading Tory.
LIB DEM MSP Donald Gorrie launched a scathing attack on Donald Dewar yesterday, claiming the former First Minister saw Holyrood as his own memorial.
FRIENDS and colleagues of Donald Dewar were stunned yesterday to learn that he left more than pounds 2million in his will.
John Dewar & Sons Limited plans to develop the site to accommodate bonded warehouses and a bulk and blend center capable of housing more than a million casks with the first phase operational by January 2009.