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the temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins

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Dew point temperature and wind speed weighting factors were set to a constant (10%) due to their relatively small effect on building energy use.
4% annual dew point temperature is used for sizing dehumidification equipment and is referred to as the 0.
It is important to remember that in the NMMAPS database daily measurements are available for mortality, temperature, and dew point temperature irrespective of the sampling frequency used for PM.
This process of adding additional dry-to-wet channels could theoretically repeat ad infinitum until the supply air is cooled to the ambient dew point temperature ([t.
Tomatoes were dried at temperatures of 40[degrees]C, 55[degrees]C and 70[degrees]C with a dew point temperature of 10[degrees]C.
We assessed the sensitivity of the same-day national estimates for the cardiovascular and respiratory hospitalization rates with respect to the degrees of freedom that were used in the smooth functions of time, temperature, and dew point temperature.
A phase transformation cycle starts with condensing phase transformation mode, when sprayed pure liquid temperature is lower than a dew point temperature [[bar.
Dry Bulb and Dew Point temperature forecasts for the Sacramento region
Rich gas also tends to have a relatively high hydrocarbon dew point temperature (in many cases, well above 80[degrees] F at pipeline pressure), causing it to be susceptible to phase change from gas to liquid--known as "hydrocarbon dropout"--before reaching its final destination.
Secondly, the condensation heat transfer remains in effect only when the surface temperature of the food items is below the dew point temperature of the surrounding environment.
Because of the danger of fog forming, it is important that ice surface temperature should be higher than dew point temperature in the room.
EHE days occur when a location's temperature, dew point temperature cloud cover, wind speed and surface atmospheric pressure throughout the day combine to cause or contribute to heat-related deaths in that location.
The RH can be controlled by the dew point temperature in a range between 5[degrees]C and 60[degrees]C(41[degrees]F and 140[degrees]F) supplied by an air change rate from 0 1/h and 1 1/h.
The Elcometer 319 Dew Point Meter measures relative humidity, rh, air temperature, Ta and surface temperature, Ts, simultaneously and calculates the dew point temperature and the difference between dew point and surface temperature to allow a simple paint/don't paint decision.