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Synonyms for devote

Synonyms for devote

to devote (oneself or one's efforts)

to give over by or as if by vow to a higher purpose

Synonyms for devote

give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause


set aside or apart for a specific purpose or use

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Sin-bin: C Fearns (66) Bath scorers - Tries: O Devoto, S Rokoduguni, A Watson, M Banahan.
first phase development interventions and safety of the axes of penetration provided by the new route of the sr1 (lot a): sp 5 stone montecorvino - lucera and sp 16 san severo - plan devoto.
This is his debut solo album and a highlights is the sombre Via Sacre where he teams up with fellow band member Howard Devoto.
Bernard DeVoto was a historian who unquestionably wrote well.
I remember going by helicopter to prisons in Argentina, one of which was Villa Devoto, shown in the article.
Bolton-proud Kay will don a cap and gown at the town's university alongside Howard Devoto and Pete Shelley from punk band The Buzzcocks.
A tale modello allegorico sono debitrici in Caproni le Stanze della funicolare, in cui il viaggio compiuto dall'autore, omologo a quello di Enea e di Dante, si trova ad essere trasferito <<nell'ambientazione non piu epica o sublimemente escatologica, ma decaduta, immiserita, immersa in una povera quotidianita>> (Barberi Squarotti, 246 in Devoto e Verdino 1977).
Devoto G, Gallo F, Marchello C, Racchi 0, Garbarini R, Bonassi S et al.
In this context, Angelico, who was both devoto and ornato, would represent the exemplary congruence between an absolute, unalloyed, and orthodox Christian faith and the always potentially specious splendors of human artifice, illusion, ornament, and craft.
Bored with the unrelenting punk lifestyle Howard Devoto, born Howard Traford, quit shortly after the release saying he was 'tired of noise and short of breath'.
Trio Devoto, Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, OH, East Central Division: Kyung-Eun Na, piano; Emma Lundgren, violin; Brian Hoffman, cello; Haewon Song, coach
AMEX: CAU) President Richard DeVoto has waged a decade-long campaign to win mining permits for the 13-million ounce McDonald district in Montana.
Witness the historian, Bernard DeVoto, who assessed the state of
Thus you have Buzzcocks man Howard Devoto having sex in the club toilets with an angry Lindsay Wilson (Shirley Henderson) after she's just caught her husband with his trousers round a hooker's head only to have the real Devoto pop up to insist it never happened.