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a county in southwestern England


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Yet though Herrick hated Devonshire, or at least said so, it was this same wild country that called forth some of his finest poems.
It is as if he had not let his eyes wander over the wild Devonshire moorlands, but had confined them to his own lovely garden and orchard meadow, for he speaks of the "dew-bespangled herb and tree," the "damasked meadows," the "silver shedding brooks.
While Herrick lived his quiet, dull life and wrote poetry in the depths of Devonshire, the country was being torn asunder and tossed from horror to horror by the great Civil War.
Then it would seem that Herrick had not found all the joy he had hoped for in London, for two years later, although rocks had not turned to rivers, nor rivers to men, he went back to his "loathed Devonshire.
On THAT head, therefore, it was not for her to oppose her mother's intention of removing into Devonshire.
With a portion of this property Mr Godfrey Nickleby purchased a small farm, near Dawlish in Devonshire, whither he retired with his wife and two children, to live upon the best interest he could get for the rest of his money, and the little produce he could raise from his land.
Your advice, then, as I understand it, is that the young man will be as safe in Devonshire as in London.
I was walking along a public path that threads through a private Devonshire orchard and seems to point towards Devonshire cider, when I came suddenly upon just such a place as the path suggested.
I wish we could have all Devonshire here to see you do it.
JIPES versus WIGZIELL, which did me great service with the profession, I went down into Devonshire, and had some serious conversation in private with the Reverend Horace.
Somebody wanted to recall the name of a place in Devonshire, and only Sophy knew it.
The idea of those Devonshire girls, among the dry law-stationers and the attorneys' offices; and of the tea and toast, and children's songs, in that grim atmosphere of pounce and parchment, red-tape, dusty wafers, ink-jars, brief and draft paper, law reports, writs, declarations, and bills of costs; seemed almost as pleasantly fanciful as if I had dreamed that the Sultan's famous family had been admitted on the roll of attorneys, and had brought the talking bird, the singing tree, and the golden water into Gray's Inn Hall.
For those clients accessing the Devonshire Days Groups at Age UK Wirral, things have changed now they have a full day of social interaction to look forward to every week.
Savills Investment Management ("Savills IM"), the wholly owned but independently operated investment management business of the Savills Group, has appointed Paul Devonshire as Head of Middle East.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 8, 2017-Davidson Kempner Closes Acquisition of US Shopping Centre Operator Devonshire Operating Partnership