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from 405 million to 345 million years ago

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The Changwantang Section (Figs 2, 3), one of eight measured sections in the area, has long been regarded as the best section for studying the SDB because of the continuous strata ranging in age from Upper Silurian to Lower Devonian rich in graptolites (Mu et al.
But all the Silurian, most of the Devonian and a major part of the Carboniferous and Lower Permian sequences are missing.
The research team, which includes Assistant Professor Sarah Carmichael, is examining the relationship between climate change and changes in the ecosystems in the Devonian period, from 419 to 359 million years ago.
Terrestrialisation was believed to have occurred early in their history, probably during the Devonian period, with allegedly aquatic Proscorpiidae coexisting with terrestrial Mesoscorpionina and 'palaeosterns' until the early Carboniferous (Jeram 1998).
Previous drilling by other companies encountered live oil and gas in a number of horizons in the region, including the Zechstein, Rotliegend, Devonian and Carboniferous.
Outcrops of the Early Devonian Campbellton Formation occur along the Bay of Chaleur-Restigouche River shoreline from Atholville east to Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada.
The authors, basing an interpretation solely on the size and shape of the grains in those shale clasts, suggest that the clasts belong to the Upper Devonian Ohio Shale or Lower Mississippian sandstones of the Cuyahoga Series.
The 13 articles in this collection were presented in earlier form at a series of workshops and conferences held in far-flung locales rich in Devonian features as part of the International Geological Correlation Programme Project 421, devoted to studying the effects on marine and terrestrial ecosystems by the climate changes and sedimentation of the Devonian era.
the Upper Devonian zone tested 1,261 (1,490(x)) boepd comprised of
In the course of mineralogical and petrophysical studies of the Devonian rocks, extraordinary signatures of authigenic mineralization were observed in the lowermost layers of Narva Regional Stage (RS) in the North East Estonia.
The "younger" Devonian event is characterized by intrusion of peralkaline, metaluminous, and peraluminous granitoid stocks and batholiths.
A Paleontologic Analysis of the Middle Devonian Bell Shale, Michigan.
The extinction during the Late Devonian period is widely considered one of the five massive extinctions in Earth's prehistory.
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