Bermuda Triangle

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an area in the western Atlantic Ocean where many ships and planes are supposed to have been mysteriously lost

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to re-trace The Scorpion's last journey through the imaginatively-named, best-avoided, Devil's Triangle.
Thomas, carved and blasted into a steep coastline overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the so-called Devil's Triangle casts an imposing presence.
This region, labelled as the Devil's Triangle by one Turkish intellectual, is the area where the major engagements in the American campaign against Al Qaida networks will take place.
As Mulder tries to explain to the captain that the war is over and the entire ship's crew and passengers are caught in the Devil's Triangle, he realises that, in fact, the ship is controlled by Nazi soldiers.
In fact, modern day writers still refer to the Devil's Triangle when covering tales of paranormal experience and UFO sightings.
The Bermuda Triangle -- An imaginary area in the South Atlantic, "the Devil's Triangle," is infamous for the disappearance of ships and vessels.