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(computer science) a program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device

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The CD boots a "dead" machine, loads all device drivers, connects to the network and initiates the restore of the failed machine's OS partition.
DriverWorkbench lets device driver developers move from one tool to the other without ever leaving the host environment, making testing, debugging and optimizing device drivers quick and simple.
Redesigned from the ground up with an architecture optimized for latency, the device drivers support Linux 32-bit and 64-bit distributions as well as Windows XP, Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit and provide a common API, allowing seamless switching between both Linux and Windows operating systems.
The need for new and updated device drivers will increase as hardware devices and operating systems rapidly develop and change," said Shari Zedeck, Director of Product Management for the Compuware DevPartner and DriverStudio product families.
Since the RAID device drivers must be installed in one host system, it is not possible to have other systems sharing the storage.
Managing device drivers is a time-consuming and often frustrating task faced by IT professionals in every organization.
According to Cam Witt, Marketing Manager for the PowerQUICC II family of microprocessors at Motorola, "Inverness Systems has demonstrated over time that they understand what it takes to develop production worthy device drivers for the Motorola PowerQUICC family of processors.
The presentation could as easily be displayed on multiple projectors, companywide, at the maximum resolution of each device, all without the headaches of stringing them together, VGA distribution amps, and device drivers.
0 With BlueWater Systems New Device Driver Wizard Radically Changes Device Driver Development by Enabling the Rapid Development of Full Featured Device Drivers, Making Quick Work of the Difficult Task of Connecting
Most importantly, it allows carriers to accelerate the introduction of new services by simplifying the process for adding new technologies into the network, through the simple addition of a device driver.
WinDK supplies a large set of sample device drivers with the WinDK Class Libraries," plus a 5400 page manual providing clear tutorials, code walk-throughs of sample drivers, overviews and reference information.
The market research firm reports that MEMS suppliers have had it relatively easy selling sensors into markets such as automotive (the mainstay of the industry to date), since those customers typically write their own code for device drivers.
The device driver kit provides sample device drivers, binaries and development tools for IHVs porting device drivers to PowerPC systems running Windows NT.
A wide range of device drivers are available for operating systems: WindowsXP, WindowsServer 2003, Redhat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Enterprise Linux, and Fedora Core Linux with 32-bit or 64-bit option.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- DigiBoard today announced that DigiBoard Menu Interface, which provides faster and easier installation and reconfiguration of DigiBoard device drivers for multiuser and networked computer systems.
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