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Accordingly, one's deviant sexuality was justified by one's aesthetic sensibilities, which in turn might be associated with a range of unorthodox behaviors and beliefs.
The poem likewise resists her attempts to interpret, for example, all instances of pagan worship as condemnations of Catholicism, or every representation of deviant sexuality (and there are many) as an attack on the "lascivious Irish"--a resistance that, when she does acknowledge it, she quickly goes on to ignore.
One could hardly imagine a more bifurcated career than Chappell's, the first decade dominated by a fascination with alienation and degenerating states of the self (including alcoholism, deviant sexuality, prostitution, paranoid schizophrenia, and nihilism), and the later decades often characterized by the qualities of pastoral: a reverence for nature and family, a preoccupation with social order out of which meaning and value are derived, and an imagining of an agrarian past as a Golden Age.
Whenever parishioner complaints overwhelmed the facade of holiness, offending priests were dispatched to behavior modification facilities under the pretense that therapy would override deviant sexuality.
Children need to learn about normal sexuality from their parents at an appropriate age, rather than learn about deviant sexuality and violence.