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But, Jenkins shows that the Progressive era opened a new space in the law for therapeutic discourses on deviant sexual behavior and these discours es resurged with sex-psychopath legislation from the late-1930s to the early 1950s.
Second, deviant sexual behavior, while typically officially regulated, is often tolerated by other inmates and prison officials.
Planned Parenthood promotes deviant sex to teens, and this organization has attempted to redefine abstinence to include deviant sexual behavior," Brown said.
Fourthly, a powerful drive by the same religious right, based in the agencies of Protestant Evangelicalism, to maintain America as a de facto Christian nation remains unabated from the time of Prohibition, although its particular goals have shifted to the prohibition of allegedly deviant sexual behavior rather than alcohol, as well as the legal initiatives mentioned earlier.
In the late sixteenth century, the inquisitors focused on a wide range of unorthodox behavior and belief among Spanish Christians, including deviant sexual behavior and witchcraft.
This model also considers deviant sexual behavior as a habitual response that is compulsive, heavily patterned, and ritualized, which in turn makes it difficult to extinguish.
Ellen's insistence in giving a week-by-week, graphic depiction and description of the lead character's deviant sexual behavior has been rightly and roundly rejected by the American viewing public.
Unfortunately, parents continue to report substantial concern regarding negative public perceptions of such behaviors and the subsequent treatment of their children (Realmuto & Ruble, 1999; Ruble & Dalrymple, 1993) and case studies have drawn attention to deviant sexual behaviors (e.
denial, rationalization, minimization, justification), and who continue deviant sexual behaviors (i.