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After all, there was Sigmund Freud, who first popularized talk of sex, including deviant sex, beginning in the early 1900s; Margaret Sanger, who advocated birth control to enable women to separate sex from pregnancy in the 1910s and 1920s; Gore Vidal who lionized gay men in literary fiction in the 1940s; Hugh Hefner, who introduced American men to the Playboy fantasy in the 1950s; Mary Calderone, who promoted sex education and founded SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) in the 1960s--the list goes on.
Just as Prohibition transformed a subculture of drinkers into a generation of drunks, New York has become a city where deviant sex has been mainstreamed.
Planned Parenthood promotes deviant sex to teens, and this organization has attempted to redefine abstinence to include deviant sexual behavior," Brown said.
The 1940's and 50's: Birth of a "Social Problem" Words Used in the 1940'sand 50's aberrant infamous crime against nature abnormal invert abominable, abomination misdeed corrupt neuropsychiatric case criminal pervert degenerate psychopath degraded queer depraved sex criminal deviant, sex deviant sex offender dirty pansy sodomite disgusting undesirable evil unmentionable subject extreme medical disorder unnatural fairy unspeakable crime filthy vice horrible victim immoral vile indecent wicked
12 at a computer show at the Sherman Oaks Entertainment Center, where Lefcourt sold computer discs depicting bestiality and other deviant sex acts to a Los Angeles police officer, said a spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office.
Self, whose books feature violence and deviant sex, was shopped to Tory officials by other reporters.