developmental psychology

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the branch of psychology that studies the social and mental development of children

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Ritacco was teaching a human development psychology class in the early childhood education program this semester, but was put on paid leave Friday morning, said Josh Martin, a spokesman for the college.
Children's drawings included both black-and-white and color illustrations of children's artwork to demonstrate its points, and is a worthy contribution to both child development psychology shelves, and pre-school art instruction shelves.
His research plums the best of human development psychology and ancient spirituality wisdom to ground his proposal solidly within a global human experience.
Recent articles examine diverse contexts of childhood in ecological, semiotic, and sociolinguistic terms Includes ethnographic studies of childhood in the Pacific, Africa, Latin America, East Asia, Europe and North America Illuminates the process through which people become the bearers of culturally/historically specific identities Serves as an ideal text for anthropology courses focusing on childhood, as well as classes on development psychology
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