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Specifically, a successful physician career development program should be structured around issues that will improve the quality of an HMO's primary services.
Exhibit 3 on page 124 presents a fairly comprehensive example of recommended activities for a parallel practice development program.
Libraries that have invested in establishing such training and development programs are in a position to "grow their own" experts in the technology.
The chosen mentor provides guidance to the participant in assessing abilities and career goals and in planning the development program.
The development of an ATA District Player Development Program, to be set up in each district of the United States, that will offer quality coaching, sports science education and tournament selection assistance.
The $100 million development program includes terminal pedestrian circulation improvements, main concourse restoration work and improvements to and expansion of retail uses in the terminal.
We are fortunate to have aligned ourselves with AMAT and Fiberspar, quality suppliers and manufacturers who have expertise in composite materials to permit such a rapid development program to be implemented.
Learning and Performance Changes of Physician Executives: Evaluation of a Management Training and Development Program.
The search committee can interview other camps that have development programs in place, to find how they secured their development directors.
Two years ago, NAVSEA's Systems Engineering Development Program was evaluated for effectiveness.
And they must understand that minority business development programs are not a free-for-all sweepstakes for contracts.
The Faculty Development Program seeks to develop new teaching strategies, formats, and materials geared to the special learning needs of its rurally isolated adult and multicultural student body.
In addition to the strong regulatory position obtained through patents and orphan drug status in major jurisdictions, the Ceflatonin([R])clinical development program is progressing very well.
Additionally, PEO STRI's workforce development program includes aggressive use of internships, job rotation, counseling, and job shadowing.
The company said today the TSSAM is its only remaining development program being carried out under this form of contract.
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