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The UNH Women's Leadership Development Program will be held March 4-8, 2013, and Sept.
Rather than recruiting from the outside or hoping to find a qualified internal candidate for a program leadership role, a more effective approach is to create a project-to-program manager development program that raises the overall leadership capabilities while also identifying the most qualified individuals for key positions.
Schoewe says Wal-Mart's Financial Development Program includes identifying high-potential associates, creating development plans, assigning special assignments, holding development events and building competencies.
The Market Development Program is offering two additional grants for recycling market and composting infrastructure development.
TI customizes its courses to match local curriculum and standards, and it also tailors the duration of each professional development program, though many last for a week in the summer.
The AREW Charitable Fund is indebted to Olympic Tower Associates and AREW for sponsoring this event, an exciting evening on Fifth Avenue which will also significantly advance the goals of our Community Development Program," said Maureen Munroe, AREW's Charitable Fund chair and vice president of Citigroup.
Ameritech's minority and women's business development program ensures that firms owned by minorities and women get maximum practical opportunities to be suppliers and contractors for the company.
More important, most of our survey respondents felt that, by focusing the intellectual and experiential capital of the physicians involved, a comprehensive career development program can play a crucial role in fulfilling the mission of a managed care organization, as well as help physicians respond to the rapid changes in managed health care.
A comprehensive practice development program should encompass both.
It is impossible to conceive of research libraries improving their performance within the higher education environment without a well defined and focused staff development program.
In fact, 17 CDP graduates (9 percent) have achieved Senior Executive Service status, leading some to consider the Commander's Development Program an executive-level accelerated advancement program.
The ATA Junior Development Program has served as a national support system for young black tennis players.
The MTA Real Estate Committee on March 16 approved a proposed agreement with the team of LaSalle Partners/Williams Jackson Ewing to begin the $100 million Grand Central Terminal Retail Development Program, which is aimed at expanding and improving public and retail space in the landmark building.
In order to prepare physician executives for key leadership roles in the organization, a management training and development program was initiated at Minneapolis Children's Medical Center, a 148-bed tertiary, private regional children's referral hospital in Minneapolis, Minn.
It may come as a surprise to some, but a camp's development program can only be accomplished with an effective and active CAO.
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