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a country that is poor and whose citizens are mostly agricultural workers but that wants to become more advanced socially and economically

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The latter contributed to financial volatility in developing economies in the second half of 2013, particularly in certain "emerging" economies with large current account imbalances.
The capital inflows to developing economies also increased due to Quantitative easing measures adopted after the crisis by developed economies.
The majority of developing economies show a decline in both long-term unemployment and inactivity rates.
Mr Millington said: "Internationally, the UK remains a good place to buy and while the exchange rate has had a beneficial effect, mergers and acquisitions are widely used in developing economies as an important ingredient of an expansion strategy.
A Durham University-led network to link British energy experts to those in developing economies has been established with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and leading UK energy institutions.
For developing economies, full year trade growth is expected to reach 8.
Summary: Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan blasted deregulated commodity trading Thursday as a major source of the food price upsurge that has devastated developing economies in recent years.
In China and some of the more developing economies where prices are managed and subsidised the impact is felt more quickly," he said.
It estimates the developing economies will expand 6.
The global recovery is proceeding better than expected but at varying speeds tepidly in many advanced economies and solidly in most emerging and developing economies, the report added.
Gulf countries and developing economies are expected to recover faster from the global economic recession than advanced economies, according to Saudi Arabia's Central Bank Governor Mohammed al-Jasser, the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT reported Monday.
Summary: The ministers of G24, which includes Algeria, called on Friday in Washington, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to further ease the conditions and terms of loans granted to developing economies and low-income countries, so as to meet their needs with more flexibility within the context of major global crisis.
Asian Development Bank (ADB) has said that growth in Asia's developing economies would fall to 3.
There are also great opportunities to expand trade among developing economies - the so-called South-South trade, which is expanding rapidly.
By combined news Developing economies now produce 41 percent of the world's output, up from 36 percent in 2000, the World Bank said Friday.
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