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a country that is poor and whose citizens are mostly agricultural workers but that wants to become more advanced socially and economically

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The share of trade in developing economies expanded: this share (fraction of GDP accounted for by exports and imports) was 20 percent in 1960, 30 percent in 1980 and 53 percent in 2000.
Good prospects for the Japanese economy will have a positive impact on the recovery of the developing economies relying on the Japanese market.
Assist developing economies in implementing pre-arrival processing programs that move APEC towards its 2015 goal
Research elsewhere has demonstrated that liberalizing trade policies governing services generally has far higher welfare benefits for developing economies than equivalent reforms to manufacturing or agricultural policies.
Developing economies have balked at calling the Doha meeting a ''new round'' of trade talks.
The Emerging Markets Handbook 2012 uses an editorial board of industry specialists in the field of developing economies to analyse and discuss movements in the market and make predictions for the future.
Developing economies participating in this project will receive hands on technical assistance at the operational level of their customs agencies to help them implement the elements of an expedited shipments program.
The UK ranks near the bottom of the table, reflecting relatively high tax and cost of living coupled with a slower rate of growth in the economy than developing economies.
Developed economies need to extend a helping hand to developing economies through economic and technical cooperation.
At the same time, the United States believes that any arrangement must also take into account the legitimate right of the major developing economies and indeed all countries to grow their economies, develop on a sustainable basis, and have access to secure energy sources.
This push from developing economies is important as the market is technologically mature and seeing restricted growth in developed economies.
We agreed that building confidence in multilateral trade negotiations is a key to the launch of a new round, and decided on steps to develop the capacity of APEC developing economies to implement World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements and to prepare for a new round," Australian Trade Minister Mark Vaile said in a statement issued in his capacity of the chairman of the two-day meeting.
Enabling data capture and access for improved decision making is likely to continue influencing growth of retail systems in developed and developing economies.
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