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a syllabic script used in writing Sanskrit and Hindi

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New Delhi [India], Dec 20 ( ANI ): As Indian national Geeta still waits for her parent two years after being rescued from Pakistan, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday appealed all to help her by recognising the dialect of a letter written by the former in a local dialect and in Devanagari script.
Anwer learnt the Devanagari script from his mother.
6) Urdu is very close to Hindi as a language, but is typically written in Persianized Arabic letters, whereas Hindi uses the Devanagari script it inherited from Sanskrit.
The difference between them has its origin in socio-linguistics and cultural factors related to a digraphia phenomenon by which Urdu language is written using the Nastaliq script and Hindi language is written using Devanagari script.
But the title of the work, "Ishq," is inscribed in the image itself in Devanagari script.
Hindi, in the Devanagari script is the official language of the Federal government of India.
As in volume II, entries are composed primarily in Sanskrit in Devanagari script, and headwords, consisting in this volume of inflected verb forms, are listed in Sanskrit alphabetic order (pp.
It has been shown, with impressive documentary evidence, that until the British conquest of Sindh in 1843, the Sindhi language was written in a script related to the Devanagari script (Jairamdas Daulatram, 1957).
Under the Pathan rulers, according to Momin Mohiuddin, 'Hindi was recognized as a semi-official language under the Surs and the chancellery receipts bore the transcription in the Devanagari Script of the Persian contents, a practice which is said to have been introduced by the Lodis'.
Ministers made their final decision at a cabinet meeting after examining a shortlist of five designs based around the letter EoACA[pounds sterling]REoACA[yen] as drawn in the Roman alphabet and the ancient Devanagari script used in Hindi.
In this paper, an analysis of alphabet set of Devanagari script is being made in respect of hand-printed recognition.
Concerning the numbers on the back of the NGV ragamala paintings, the first two sets of numbers are in devanagari script.
The transliteration, which is at first a disappointment in place of the lovely Devanagari script, is very cleverly done to enable a beginning reader of the original to recognize the root forms of Sanskrit words.
The majority of inscriptions are in Arabic and Persian, but some are in the Devanagari script used by Hindi and other Indian languages.