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a syllabic script used in writing Sanskrit and Hindi

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On the reverse, the coin will bear the logo of International Day of Yoga, with the inscription Samanjasya avam Shanti Ke Liye Yog in Devanagari script and Yoga for harmony and peace around the logo design.
In the colourfully spaceless space within which this figure hovers, the words tikkun ha-olam are written--on one side in Hebrew, on the other side transliterated into Devanagari script.
Among the forty-four northern-script manuscripts used, Devanagari dominates overwhelmingly, though not so thoroughly as it did with Jolly's edition: thirty-one Devanagari, three Bengali, three Newari, three Old Nagari, and two each in Oriya and Sarada.
Hindi, in the Devanagari script is the official language of the Federal government of India.
The late epigraphist Shankar Man Rajavansi had published a detailed analysis of each glyph, syllable, numeral and ligature of the paleography in Licchavi Lipi Sangraha, a landmark essay in this area, followed by his "The Evolution of the Devanagari Script" (1974).
And they can be in any characters - Cyrillic, Kanji or Devanagari for instance, for users of Russian, Japanese and Hindi.
And they can be in any characters -- Cyrillic, Kanji or Devanagari for instance, for users of Russian, Japanese and Hindi.
The international cast of contributors addresses the challenges of recognizing French accented characters, Farsi characters, Japanese character strings, Chinese text lines, Devanagari letters, and physician scrawl.
In this paper, an analysis of alphabet set of Devanagari script is being made in respect of hand-printed recognition.
Langlois says that he based his French translation on three manuscripts peu corrects: one in Bengali, one in Devanagari, and one in a written script, which for some reason he doesn't reveal.
Inside, the numbers 0 to 5 are written in Devanagari script--the script used in Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, and many other Indian languages.
The NGV ragamala paintings contain three types of information; the image itself, a text in Rajasthani inscribed in devanagari letters on the back of each painting, and four different sets of numbers, inventory and catalogue numbers as the case may be, also on the back of each painting.
Most are written in Sanskrit, using Newari, Ranjana, Bhujimol and Devanagari scripts.
The transliteration, which is at first a disappointment in place of the lovely Devanagari script, is very cleverly done to enable a beginning reader of the original to recognize the root forms of Sanskrit words.