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formerly the basic unit of money in Germany

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It can't be a taboo any more (to say) that it's an option for Germany to return to the Deutschmark," declared Roland Klaus, the AfD's leader, and the party began its rapid rise in the polls.
The deutschmark scenario would also deteriorate the situation on the labor market.
France would face a decision as to whether to join the Deutschmark bloc or not.
The second part also has four essays which look at the question of Britain's entry into the Common Market and its effects on the Atlantic partnership, the dissolution of the Transatlantic Monetary Order, the difficulties of the Deutschmark from 1968 to 1973, and the 1970-71 Rolls Royce-Lockheed crisis.
Summary: Berlin, June 26, 2010, SPA -- Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday that German reunification had "not yet been achieved in all areas," 20 years after the East German regime adopted the west&'s Deutschmark currency as a prelude to political unification.
What we are looking at is the possible reintroduction of the Deutschmark (DEM) or a transformation in the euro that would make it more comparable
The creation of the Euro 500 note was proposed by the German government to replace the former 1,000 Deutschmark bill.
It might prove the equivalent of then-Chancellor John Major's decision to track the pound against the Deutschmark.
This was a kind of reversal of the position the dinar finds itself in, because the UK was trying to support its weak currency against a strong deutschmark.
In the 1990s Britain tried to attach the pound to the now defunct Deutschmark.
In relative terms, the comparison favors the deutschmark.
To arrest inflation, the government established a currency board, which tied the exchange rate of the Estonian kroon to the deutschmark and, later, the euro.
Prices should kick off at around pounds 16k, so you can bet your last deutschmark this hot Octavia will give the boys from Bavaria a few sleepless nights.
By 1943 theGermans realised the war was going badly and the Deutschmark was tottering.
Germany will adopt a "big-bang" approach, with the Deutschmark ceasing to be legal tender currency at midnight on December 31, 2001.