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formerly the basic unit of money in Germany

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A limited edition five-euro coin issued by Germany's Bundesbank has tapped into a deep sense of nostalgia among Germans for Deutschmarks, to which the newly minted money bears a close resemblance.
In late 2002, Deutschmark cash remnants had a combined value of around 9.
France would face a decision as to whether to join the Deutschmark bloc or not.
The southern periphery could no longer protect its domestic markets from the deluge of better made, more efficiently produced German goods by resorting to occasional devaluations vis-a-vis the Deutschmark.
What we are looking at is the possible reintroduction of the Deutschmark (DEM) or a transformation in the euro that would make it more comparable to a 'Greater Deutschmark,'" Derrick said while speaking to a group of investors at the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center on Friday.
Indeed, many Germans resented the loss of their solid deutschmark and suspected that from thenceforth, they would be carrying the weaker euro economies.
It might prove the equivalent of then-Chancellor John Major's decision to track the pound against the Deutschmark.
Both the castle and poet were immortalised on the 20 deutschmark note until 2001.
This was a kind of reversal of the position the dinar finds itself in, because the UK was trying to support its weak currency against a strong deutschmark.
In the 1990s Britain tried to attach the pound to the now defunct Deutschmark.
In relative terms, the comparison favors the deutschmark.
To arrest inflation, the government established a currency board, which tied the exchange rate of the Estonian kroon to the deutschmark and, later, the euro.
Prices should kick off at around pounds 16k, so you can bet your last deutschmark this hot Octavia will give the boys from Bavaria a few sleepless nights.
The company liquidators said a 500,000 Deutschmark foundation for former Nazi slave laborers had been established.
If the German economy can do without its Deutschmark, and if Chinese business men and women can take on the indecipherable language of English in order to tap into the global economy, the state of Indiana can take the simple, but important, step of adopting Daylight Saving Time without delay.