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formerly the basic unit of money in Germany

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31) Capie and Woods (2001), in their review of Fifty Years of the Deutsche Mark, cite Richter (1999, 562):
If the company has no view on the direction of the deutsche marks, the management can look at the forward rates and quote a deutsche mark price for the pineapples to be paid in three months time.
Impress"), a world leader in the metal packaging industry, announced today that it is soliciting consents from the holders of its Deutsche mark 200,000,000 aggregate principal amount of 9-7/8% Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2007 (the "Notes") to amend the indenture under which the Notes were issued.
If you price in deutsche marks, you will, of course, have an exchange rate loss when the deutsche mark weakens against the dollar and an exchange rate gain when the deutsche mark strengthens.
For instance, currency futures and forward contracts determine the exchange rate today' for a fixed (not a floating) principal exchange from deutsche marks to U.
German autoworkers earn 23 deutsche marks per hour in wages, but employers must pay another 21 D-marks in social benefits.
75 million deutsche marks were allocated to the Priority Program for research, as well as for travel to ODP cruises and meetings, maintaining the German ODP office at BGR, and distributing such information as ODP Proceedings, German ODP circulars, panel meeting reports, etc.
Initial orders under the new contract have totaled four million deutsche marks (approximately $2 million).
Millions of Dollars Quarterly changes in balances by source Impact Balance Net purchases of Item June 30, 1998 and sales(1) sales(2) FEDERAL RESERVE Deutsche marks 11,652.
The treasurer suggests entering into a forward sale of deutsche marks based on the planned amount of the dividend.
4%: - Currency fluctuations were a major factor; - The third quarter sales decline in deutsche marks was 5.
An offshore portion of the financing totals 182 million Deutsche Marks (approximately $100 million) while onshore loans are denominated in US$, Deutsche Marks and Rupees.
31, 1997 and sales(1) (2) FEDERAL RESERVE Deutsche marks 11,486.
You have no deutsche marks in your purse because you have just come from France.
He kicked off the "Upswing in the East" program, which pumped 24 billion deutsche marks ($15 billion) into eastern infrastructure projects.
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